La Faurie-type cantonment post H0 Decapod 2210


Small, cute, remarkable finish! The billet that your network deserves!

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They are small and discreet, we don't notice them much because they are often located in uninhabited areas and far from a station, but their usefulness is (or should we say was) no less: they are the forward cantonment posts!

They are found at regular intervals or in "strategic" places on the lines and they made it possible to shelter the agents in charge of checking that there were no problems on the traffic, as well as to control the semaphores of full track in a manual block.

Decapod chose as its first model a post that was found in very large numbers mainly in two regions: ex-North and ex-PLM. It is a small cement bungalow with a wooden door of just under 4 m².

The high-quality cardboard structure can be glued very easily using Cléocol glues. Note that gluing the thin parts (step 2) will be greatly facilitated by diluting the glue lightly with a few drops of water. Decapod has also used modern techniques in order to have the best possible rendering on certain elements such as here for the chimney, which came from 3D printing.

You will certainly find among the Decapod paints something to decorate these essential elements for your railway environment!

ScaleHO (1/87)
Materialscarte laser 0.9 mm
ImplementationAccessible to all users - The beginners will appreciate

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