Concrete telephone for level crossing ep III/IV H0 Decapod 4653


Concrete telephone for railway crossing III/IV with 3D printed resin concrete support and white metal telephone, to be painted.

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The automation of level crossings from the 1950s onwards unfortunately led to the loss of our beloved rail barrier guards. But if there was a problem, we had to be able to warn someone!

Telephones were therefore systematically installed at the trackside, but on the road side.

A very common model throughout France is the telephone fixed in a concrete support which also houses the telephone.

This reference DP4653 proposes this type of support accompanied by an aluminium telephone, thus rather oriented ep. III and IV, even if one still finds some nowadays!

This product is made with the concrete support in 3D printed resin and the white metal phone

ScaleHO (1/87)
Materialsmétal blanc
ImplementationAccessible to all users - The beginners will appreciate

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