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Work train

The work trains are usually used all other Europe and are composed with exceptional cars and machines. This kind of train is also unusual, original and really coveted by the fans.

Maketis is very pleased to propose you this complete range of cars and machines to the great pleasure of the modellers !

Starter set

These sets are made for the persons who need to begin with the modell train. Most of them are completes and contain locomotive, cars, track, analog or digital power. You can even find some sets with all the elements for the scenery.

Servicing - Maintenance

The maintenance of rolling stock, and in particular locomotives, is an operation that should not be neglected if they are to remain in good working order. Wheels should be cleaned regularly and gear lubrication is recommended by manufacturers every 40 hours of use.

In this category, we offer you all the equipment you need to maintain and improve the operation of your rolling stock.

Locomotive support or cradle, wheel cleaner, special gear grease... choose the best product for your needs!

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