Extra-strong glue Cléopâtre "Cléocol" 100 gr


White glue Cléopâtre " Cléocol ", in flask of 100 gr with tip of precision. For the sticking on porous materials (wood, cardboard, plastic), after drying this glue is totally translucent with a matt aspect.

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Cléo' col is a white glue for every types of porous media. Extra strong and quick-setting, his film with neutral PH becomes totally translucent by drying.

Faster and more powerful than classic vinyl glues, it does not crinkle the paper and sticks on all the porous materials (wood, cardboard(box), paper, plastic, foam, polystyrene). It is usually used for activities such as cardboard, the binding....

His use is thus multi-purpose in any model making or model maker for the building for example of cardboard kits lasercut, but also for the building of the track or the realization of the vegetation....

We shall also estimate in this product its applicator feeding-bottle for the sticking of small surfaces, its pleasant smell and its dilution in the water.

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