3m60 of Straight railway crossing floor H0 Decapod 3230


Decapod offers you a complete range of planked walkways, in straight and oblique versions.

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Decapod has very high quality limewood planks, a very fine, knotless wood, easy to decorate, particularly suitable for our model making uses.

Ref. DP3230 offers you a 3m60 straight level crossing floor, perfectly conforming to SNCF models and treated in strict compliance with the scale (except for the essential fittings necessary for the free circulation of rolling stock).

Each reference allows you to equip a double track level crossing or 2 single track crossings.

The basic configuration includes a central passage to be placed between the 2 rails and 2 side passages; in accordance with the most common use, you will equip your double track with 2 passages, connected to each other by a tarred area (fully planked pn are in fact very rare).

If you wish to age the sleepers and accentuate the wood grain, a small metal brush of the candle brush type will allow you to obtain a fine and realistic result without effort.

ScaleHO (1/87)
Materialstilleul 1.7 mm
ImplementationAccessible to all users - The beginners will appreciate

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