SNCF 6-hole splice bars H0 Decapod 3211


This type of splice bar is used by the SNCF (French Railways) to secure the rail coupons together.

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This type of splice bar is used by the SNCF (French National Railway Company) to join the rail vouchers together.

It is a standard model used from the 1950s to the present day, particularly on main tracks. It is therefore chosen to evoke a track with high traffic, but also a modern service track because the 4-hole model is not normally used anymore.

The Decapod reference is produced in 0.3 mm nickel silver: it can be used as a simple decoration when glued but can also fulfil a mechanical and electrical role if welded. It can be used on any type of track from code 70 upwards.

ScaleHO (1/87)
Materialsmaillechort 0.3 mm
ImplementationAccessible to all users - The beginners will appreciate

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