Diamond tile plate large H0 Decapod 5940


Treat yourself to the market's must-have tile at an ultra-soft price!

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This plate offers you "diamond" tiles on a useful surface of 238 x 120 mm.

It is made from a special 0.7 mm thick card and you will be impressed by the beautiful, flawless engraving of the tiles, with a marked relief and a slanted laying of the tiles.

The reproduction technique requires a high quality support, time and precision, but our efforts to optimise the production process enable us to offer you this reference which will satisfy you; according to customer feedback, it is the most beautiful product on the market in terms of tiles and you will note the particularly competitive quality/price ratio.

Two models are proposed to you: the "small model" tiles have a size of about 2 x 3 mm and the "large model" type has tiles of about 2.5 x 4 mm.

Note: the engraving technique is likely to leave some traces of soot which will shadow some of the tiles; it is of course without any consequence as soon as you will paint and patinate these tiles, which we systematically advise you to perfect your creations: our customers will find it to their advantage as they explain us not to look for products with colours that are too "flashy"; even if you would like to use these tiles as delivered, they will therefore be more or less "patinated" naturally with a slight haze more or less marked...

ScaleHO (1/87)
Materialscarte laser 0.7 mm
Sizes (Lxlxh)238 x 120 x 0.7 mm
ImplementationAccessible to all users - The beginners will appreciate

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