Podotactile tiles H0 Decapod 2900


They are omnipresent in reality and finally exist at the H0 scale thanks to Decapod.

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These attention devices for the visually impaired have equipped the platform edges of the Paris metro for years and are now found on SNCF platforms as renovations are carried out. Apart from these highly rail-related areas, they can also be seen on the pavements where pedestrian crossings are located.

There are several variations in terms of dimensions and materials, but we have reproduced the most common one, consisting of plastic tiles glued edge-to-edge to the flooring.

This model consists of a 0.2 mm brass plate photo-etched very finely. It is very easy to install as you only have to align the strips after decoration. Each tile is held to the next one by 3 almost invisible tenons, giving the illusion of a separation. For a slightly curved installation, you only need to keep the tenon on the inside of the curve and cut the other two with a cutter.

For decoration, you can choose between white and various shades of grey: preferably use a paint that holds well on brass, such as Decapod solvent acrylic paints.

A DP2900 reference allows you to make 464 mm of podotactile tiles.

ScaleHO (1/87)
Materialslaiton 0.2 mm
ImplementationAccessible to all users - The beginners will appreciate

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