Wagon scale markings and SNCF enamelled plates Decapod 9503


The decalcomania board for your depots and freight station which allows, among other things, to decorate the wagon scale ref DP3423.

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You will find on this decal sheet the specific markings of our scale ref 3423 but also many illustrations of various SNCF enamelled plates that can super-detail the environment of a goods yard or a depot for example.

In order to keep production and printing costs down, we have grouped together on the same plate various markings in HO scale but also in O scale. Please note that not everything is available in the same proportions.

The inscriptions on this plate are as follows:

- Speed limit on the bridge (6 km/h)
- Limited speed on the bridge (10 and 15 km/h)
- Limited speed on the bridge (20 km/h)
- Speed limit of 15 km/h on the grill
- Deck forbidden to certain motorised vehicles
- 20 t / 30 t
- 40 t / 80 t
- 40 t / 90 t
- 50 t / 160 t
- 60 t / 120 t
- 65 t / 120 t
- 65 t / 160 t
- SNCF locomotive depot
- Walk in and out
- Beware of machines
- Square (white/red checkerboard)
- Parcel delivery
- Prohibition to go under the slings
- Plate entry and exit (front and/or rear trousers lowered)
- Access to the general shop and its outbuildings is forbidden to any person who does not have a reason for service

ScaleHO (1/87)
Materialsdécalcomanie à l'eau
ImplementationAccessible to all users - The beginners will appreciate

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