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Wooden upper platforms for Easy Module Maketis available soon!

Wooden upper platforms for Easy Module Maketis available soon!

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Dear model railway enthusiasts,

At Maketis, we're always on the lookout for innovative solutions to simplify and enhance the construction of your model railway layouts. Today, we are proud to present our latest innovation: wooden upper platforms for the Maketis Easy Module range. These new products are designed to offer unprecedented flexibility and ease of assembly, making it simple and efficient to create train sets with positive relief.

Why choose Easy Module Maketis upper platforms?

A real innovation on the French market: These upper platforms are a first on the market, adding a new dimension to our Easy Module Maketis range. They are an ideal solution for all modellers looking to add complexity and realism to their layouts without having to undertake time-consuming carpentry work.

Simple and time-saving: Our upper platforms are ready to use, eliminating the need for complex constructions. In just a few simple steps, you can install an additional track layout in positive relief on the same surface, creating more dynamic and realistic configurations for your model trains.

Varied, flexible configurations: Whether you want to create backstops, hidden stations or traffic crossings, our top panels offer maximum flexibility. Available in 4 different heights (125 mm, 114 mm, 101 mm and 50.8 mm), adjustable with a simple cutter, they can be adapted to your specific needs.

Dimensions compatible with our range: Available in 3 widths (14.75 cm, 29.5 cm, 59 cm) and 2 lengths (29.5 cm, 59 cm), these upper platforms fit perfectly with our range of Maketis modules. The wide range of dimensions means you can combine them in any way you like to personalise your network. 

Easy to connect and assemble: the upper platforms can be connected to each other using special staples, guaranteeing fast, secure installation. They can also be installed on an existing wooden structure, using 8 mm MDF for optimum strength and stability. A set of screws is supplied with each tray for fixing the legs to the wooden structure.

Compatible with Woodland Scenic: The different upper platforms heights are compatible with Woodland Scenic's Incline/Decline ramps, which are renowned for their ease of installation and low cost. What's more, we offer a upper platforms with a pre-cut insert to accommodate Roco, Fleischmann and Peco turntables, offering even more possibilities for your network.

Easy installation: The upper platforms are quick and easy to assemble, requiring very few tools (wood glue, screwdriver and cutter). So you can spend more time creating and operating your train network.

Compliance with a standard for greater realism: It's worth noting that the 125 mm, 114 mm and 101 mm heights allow trains to run underneath the boards with an electric locomotive, pantograph unfolded to HO scale in accordance with the NEM 102 standard, adding an extra touch of realism to your layout.

In conclusion

The new wooden upper platforms for Easy Module Maketis are designed to offer more track layout possibilities on the same surface, we hope they will improve the way you build your model railway layouts. With various dimensions, adjustable heights and perfect compatibility with our modules and Woodland Scenic ramps, these trays offer a practical and innovative solution for all model railway enthusiasts.

Join us at Maketis and discover how our new solutions can transform your train layout into a realistic and functional masterpiece. With Maketis, building your layout is easier than ever!

We invite you to explore our website to find out more about our products and new products.

The Maketis team

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