Decapod Acrylic Solvent Paint - SNCF colour chart Decapod 8010

Model paint, airbrush application.

Shades from the SNCF colour chart*.

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Decapod solvent acrylics are intended for airbrush or spray application. However, they can also be used with a brush for localized touch-ups. It is a quick-drying paint that forms a very thin film and adheres particularly well to plastics and metals.

They are supplied pre-diluted in a practical, sturdy plastic bottle containing a mixing ball. Depending on your application conditions, you will need to adjust the viscosity by filling the jar with thinner Ref. DP8000.

For cleaning your tools, you can use the same thinner or more simply acetone.


Thinner Ref. DP8000 is the only thinner that Decapod unreservedly recommends: the team has tested many other products and depending on the case, you may be exposed to risks of degradation or destruction of Decapod varnishes and paints.

* "Aluminium paint" tint: This tint corresponds perfectly to the 8442 SNCF aluminium paint from the 1955 colour chart. It is suitable for the metallic parts of old rolling stock (metallic strip of trains on tyres in the Eastern region, 141R ashtrays, etc.) and for many decorative elements.

* "CIWL (Rivarossi) Blue" shade: The blue of the SNCF sleeper car 202 on the SNCF colour chart, which corresponds to the CIWL shade, is actually very dark. In this very particular case, Decapod considered that it did not meet the expectations of the model makers and chose to offer you the colour used by Rivarrossi from the 70s to the 90s for its reproductions of CIWL materials.

Capacity30 ml
Compositionpeinture acrylique nécessitant un solvant spécifique
Weight50 g
Implementationun peu d'expérience et vous y parviendrez sans souci

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