Burnishing product for copper metals and steel (125 ml) Decapod 9221


Ideal for browning metal objects such as copper, brass, bronze, steel...

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We recommend this product for the (re)browning of axles for example or, within our range, to simply decorate our manhole and manhole cover references or to make a base to decorate a railing with a faded and aged look.

Two schools for its use :

- use of the product, by dipping or brush application; you can use the product several times.

- or pour "a few drops" of the product into very hot water and then proceed by dipping or brush application; this 2nd method seems more effective for browning more difficult surfaces (nickel-plated wheels from some manufacturers) and controlling the desired degree of browning (more or less brown, dark grey or black depending on the concentration...). Do not pour the diluted product back into the pure product bottle.

Bottle of 125 ml.

ImplementationAccessible to all users - The beginners will appreciate

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