Tin-bismuth solder wire (100 g) (6/10th wire) Decapod 9204


Decapod offers you its own welding products! With a melting temperature of 155°, this "low temperature" solder will be of great service to you.

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With a melting temperature of 155°, this "low temperature" solder will do you a lot of good.

It is an alloy of tin and bismuth, without a pickling core and we advise you to use it with flux reference DP9201, perfectly adapted to model making applications.

You will undoubtedly appreciate the excellent price/quantity ratio (100 grams!), the professional packaging in the form of an identified spool and the fineness of the solder wire (diameter 0.6 mm), well adapted to our model making practices.

This solder is particularly well suited to work with a soldering iron; very fluid, it requires little heat and welds almost instantaneously. On the other hand, it offers low mechanical resistance and for parts to be assembled solidly, we recommend the tin-silver reference DP9206.

The difference in melting temperature with the lead-tin (180°) or tin-silver (225°) references allows complex assemblies; for example, you can assemble 2 parts at 180° and then a third at 155° without taking the risk of unsoldering the first 2.

Your models deserve the best: be professional, use professional tools ;-)

Compositionétain-bismuth en fil de 0.6 mm
Implementationun peu d'expérience et vous y parviendrez sans souci

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