Extra strong glue "Cléotoo" 100 gr


White glue extra-strong Cléopâtre " Cléoctoo ", in flask of 100 gr with tip of precision. For the sticking on smooth materials (wood, cardboard, plastic), after drying this glue is totally translucent with a glossy aspect.

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Cléotoo is a new generation of glue made in emulsion of acrylic polymers.

Even more powerful and fast than Cléocol, its stickings resist outside (big resistance in the water).

Cléotoo sticks between them the paper, the cardboard, the wood, the lightweight felt, the cloths, the leather and allows to stick these materials on the glass, the ceramic, the polystyrene and the plastic froths.

Its very thick texture allows stickings rather fast, the assembly holds in a few seconds (even on support upright for part light). The sticking becomes definitive after a few hours, we can thus undo the assembly in case of error!

We shall also estimate in this product its applicator feeding-bottle for the sticking of small surfaces, its pleasant smell.

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