Montdauphin well H0 Decapod 2153


laser cardboard, nickel silver 0.3 mm, to be assembled and painted.

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Decapod offers you this must-see in railway décor: the well!

Indeed, you can find it next to many buildings, mainly stations and gatehouses where the agents lived who unfortunately did not have access to running water for a long time. Their only way to get water was to fetch it from the well.

This model is a clever mix of engraved and laser-cut cardboard for the entire stone part and photo-engraved nickel silver for the upper part, guaranteeing an excellent finesse/solidity ratio. The photoengraved parts can be welded or glued with cyano.

Decapod offers you the possibility to represent the "functional" or "disused" shaft, therefore without the chain and with a protective grid to prevent anyone from falling into the hole!

ScaleHO (1/87)
Materials maillechort, métal blanc, rhodoïd
Implementationun peu d'expérience et vous y parviendrez sans souci

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