New Basic Magnorail starter set

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Maketis is pleased to announce the launch of a new Magnorail Basic starter set, which is more economical and accessible for beginner modellers or those with a small animation project.

Our Magnorail model train animation system is always a great success and to meet a demand noted during exhibitions, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new starter set called "Basic", available in 3 versions, and with the following highlights;

LF-1 Basic bike starter set, equipped with an 80 cm track, a medium speed motor and a ready to ride HO factor ref KKh-1. Selling price 109€.

New Magnorail Basic LF-1 Starter Set

LS-1 Basic Auto starter set with 80 cm track, high speed motor and 2 long length sliders for HO vehicles. Selling price 89 €.

New Magnorail Basic LS-1 Starter Set

LV-1 Basic Boat Starter Set with 80 cm track, low speed motor, inflatable boat and 2 ready-to-run HO figures. Price 109€.

New Magnorail Basic LV-1 Starter Set

With this new Basic starter set we want to make Magnorail more accessible thanks to its lower price and ease of construction, as it is already equipped with a bike or a "ready to run" boat for the LF-1 and LV-1 versions. It is therefore intended for modellers with a small animation project or for beginners.

The LS-1 version is designed to move HO scale (1/87) vehicles on the market (cars, vans, buses, trucks) but also N scale (1/160)

Compared to the Expert set, the Basic set only includes 80 cm of track + 1 motor and is not equipped with reversing loops. It therefore allows you to build a 40 cm long layout, but this is enough to get started with Magnorail.

New Magnorail Basic starter set

We also took the opportunity to revise the manual, which now contain illustrations and advice texts (translated into English and German) to make them easier to read and understand. You can also consult our assembly tutorial here

You can plan extensions with the UE-1 which contains 60 cm of track and the UK-1 which contains 2 180° reversing loops with a diameter of 60 mm.

We hope that this new starter set will allow you to start a new animation project in your model train set.


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