Maketis offers switch motor supports with positive relief

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In response to a request from Gabriel Lemonier, coordinator of the NOMAD project, Maketis is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of new brackets for points motors.

Maketis has been a partner of the NOMAD project for almost 1 year now, and due to a lack of time, it has been very difficult for us to communicate on this partnership.

For those of you who don't know, N.O.M.A.D (Nouveauté Originale Modulaire Accessible pour les Débutants) is a project to create a small miniature train layout using basic market products and the know-how and experience of Gabriel Lemonier, who also created the YouTube channel "Bienvenue à Wissenheim" (Welcome to Wissenheim) and presents his huge miniature train layout. The ultimate aim of the project is to be able to take the layout to exhibitions and showcase all the phases involved in building and producing a simple model by beginners or experienced modellers.

Maketis was consulted from the outset about its range of prefabricated wooden modules (Maketis Easy modules) that could be used as modular structures. We responded favourably because the launch of the NOMAD project already fits in well with a spirit of promoting model railways, and it also highlights the products of craftsmen.

The NOMAD layout shown on the YouTube channel is made up of 4 modules and uses a number of positive and negative reliefs to reproduce a mountainous landscape. The material chosen for the reliefs is Styrodur.

A solution quickly had to be found to support the point motors with positive relief in a simple and effective way, as styrodur is not strong enough to keep a motor in action.

In addition, when designing a new model railway, it is customary to plan track layouts with a positive or negative relief in relation to level 0. This allows the trains to pass each other on the same surface, while increasing the length of the layout and therefore the length of the play area.
To help you create this multi-level structure, Woodland Scenic offers a complete range of ramps (Incline/Decline) and raised tracks (Riser) (in high-density polystyrene) of different heights and inclinations, which you can find on our website here.

As with Styrodur, when you have to fit turnouts (switches, TJS, TJD, etc.) with an electric motor installed under the track and therefore inside this structure, you are faced with a problem of installation and access to the motor once it has been fitted (more or less difficult depending on the brand of track and motor chosen).

To solve this problem, Maketis offers a support kit (made from 8mm thick MDF) to fix and support the points motor under the track.

This support has the advantage of being adjustable in height (from +8 to 150mm) thanks to a slide located in the two vertical uprights and held in place by two fixing brackets that can be installed on the surface or under the track surface.

To install, all you need is an electric drill/screwdriver fitted with an 8 or 10mm wood drill bit and some wood glue.

The support is compatible with Woodland Scenic raised track ramps and accepts inclines of up to 4%.

The support is made from 8mm-thick MDF, ensuring it is sturdy enough for the switch motor to be installed.
Once the vertical uprights have been securely fixed and adjusted to the correct height, installation of the switch motor is made easier by the fact that the top plate is not glued to the uprights. Instead, it is turned over to position, fix and electrically connect the motor.

Maketis offers 4 different references:
MOD20500 Single track straight turnout motor support (with slot for rod and pre-holes for MTB MP1/MP5 motor)
MOD20501 Double track straight turnout motor bracket

MOD20502 Single track curved turnout motor bracket (with rod slot and pre-holes for MTB MP1/MP5 motor)

MOD20503 Double track curved turnout motor bracket


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je suis très content que vous repreniez les ateliers, je suis Niste, mais les ateliers sur la patine et TrainController m'intéresse.
Merci et Nonne soirée.
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