Abutments and supports in addition to the range of metal bridges in H0 Hack Brücken

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The range of metal bridges Hack Brücken is relatively complete in H0 and adapts well to railway landscapes in general. In addition to this range, PN Sud modélisme and Maketis propose you rectangular stone abutments as well as bridge supports

To integrate more easily into your landscape the metal bridge Hack Brücken of your choice, PN-SUD modelisme propose you beautiful rectangular stone abutments for single track (Reference 87134) or double track (Reference 87135) in scale H0 (1/87)

Culée voie unique

culée voie double

And Intermediate bridge pier (ref 87136 and 87137).

Pile intermédiaire

The stone engraving is very fine and relatively well done. Its rectangular style is ideal to evoke a French or even European construction.

Like all PN Sud Modélisme making, the abutments are made of synthetic stone and are to be assembled and decorated. The decoration will preferably be done with the help of a wash or pigment decoration.

culée voie unique

culée voie double

With a height of 12 cm, you can leave the passage to another railway line equipped with catenary under the bridge, you also have the possibility to adjust the height of the abutment by cutting it with the help of a saw with fine teeth for example.

The height of the step on the abutment is intended to incorporate Maketis bridge supports of a height of 10 mm as well as a ballasted track with a thickness of 4mm.

With the participation of Est-Modèles, Maketis propose also two sets of bridge supports made in 3D printing in addition to the PN Sud Modélisme abutments

Ref MOD9011 Set de 4 appuis pour pont voie unique

appuis de pont

ref MOD9012 Set de 8 appuis pour pont voie double

appuis de pont

You are now well equipped to carry out your project!


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